Footwear, Packaging, Sports and Water distribution Industry

For FOOTWEAR, we can offer a range of plastic raw materials rigid plastics as well as thermoplastic rubbers types like SBS, SEBS, TPV and TPU.

PACKAGING is generally considered as the amount of products to be used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and preservation of a wide variety of goods from the producer to the user or consumer. We can offer a wide range of thermoplastic materials for applications in innovative packaging solutions to service customers across the industrial food and beverage markets. We can provide a green alternative to a wide range of packaging applications and in particular to the substitution of the everyday plastic bags and shoppers.

SPORT GOODS need raw materials with suitable mechanical resistance to its use and contact with people or animais. Madiplaste in this area can help you consider the most fitting materials.

IRRIGATION GOODS are in contact with water and often work outside. We also have raw materials and additives suitable for these tools.

CUTLERY GOODS are used to food contact and the plastic materials shall be, antimicrobial and no migration properties .Raw materials, must have good touch to the user and all requirements to the function.

To COLORING raw material supply masterbatches and pigments.

Other Industries:

Medicos Medicos Electrica Eletrodomesticos Fabricantes
Automotive Medical Devices Electrical and Electronic,Lighting Home appliances, Sanitary, Water distribution Mold makers and Plastic molders