Electrical , Electronics and Lightning Industries

The ELECTRICAL GOODS require compliance with rules and regulations that are based on user safety, product quality and in some cases even the interchangeability, and in this case the fulfillment of dimensions with tight tolerances requiring engineering products of high performance.

We have a range of raw materials, approved for use in electrical products, according to the rules and regulations.

In the electronics industry in addition to materials used in the electrical industries there is often a need for high temperature resistance. We have a range of raw materials and additives for use in this industry.

The lighting and electrical industry that has evolved over these last days through the filament and fluorescent to LED. We provide raw materials and additives for applications in lamps, reflectors and diffusers in composing the equipment used inside and outside. For the car industry can offer transparent PMMA diffusers, red, yellow and orange.

Other Industries:

Calcado Calcado Medicos Eletrodomesticos Fabricantes
Automotive Footwear, Packaging, Sport, Water distribution Medical Devices Home appliances, Sanitary, Water distribution Mold makers and Plastic molders